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Who is the Dad Run Amok?

The Dad Run Amok is a regular-type guy who lives in suburban Washington, DC. He is a husband who tries very hard to be good and a dad who tries very hard to remember to be the adult supervision when Mom's not around.

The Dad Run Amok loves playing and listening to music, watching sports live and on TV, playing with and teasing his kids, and spending time with his wife. He's very grateful to God for all that he has and spends a fair amount of time wondering exactly how it all ended up so good...


Everybody has a blog and he wanted one too. Since he has a job and can't spend hours on end reading news online, and since he has no money to buy a lot of electronics to review, and since he has no connections with pro sports teams, he couldn't blog about any of that stuff. But since he has a family that does a lot of fun and funny things, he's got a good subject for a blog!

What does the name mean? Just ask anybody who knows him. He's completely out of control. There's nothing too silly if it'll cheer up one of his kids; there's nothing too childish for him to try, at least once (okay, maybe holding his breath if he doesn't get his way is going a bit too far).

What's here?

Well, at the moment, just the blog. But in the future, Mr. and Mrs. Dad Run Amok will add several features to either make you laugh, make you think or help families out. We plan on adding TV show reviews (specifically looking at content and appropriateness from a Christian point of view). We'll have a recipe section with some of our originals that were enjoyed by the family. We'll probably have a section about our experiences homeschooling our two children. There may eventually be a section about our musical endeavors. As we come up with ideas, we'll try 'em out. That's the nice thing about being the owner of the site!

It sounds good, but do you really think you can pull it off?

Who knows. We're going to give it our best shot!

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